Using Social Media: Facebook And Twitter Lists

Using Lists To Remember Why You Joined Facebook And Twitter

News feeds on FB and Twitter are now so busy; many people’s original enthusiasm is waning due to the onslaught of status updates, uploaded pictures not to mention Facebook’s attempts at monetising with suggested posts.

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There is also the non Facebooker who cynically chips away at what value you get out of spending the 7 hours a month(check stat) by taking pot shots at what you know but won’t admit, is a load of tosh.

If only there was a volume button to turn the white noise down…

With Twitter, it could be argued that the user opts into the visual assault as essentially Twitter is anarchy. However, you can employ a tactic that will help you get what you want out of the site by filtering out the noisiness. And the good news is that it can be used in the same way on Facebook.

Custom Lists

List functions have been around for years now on both platforms, with seemingly little in the way of take up. Facebook has a set of useful defaults (Family or Close Friends for instance) as well as the ability to create your own perhaps for your local area or companies worked for.






Spending some time establishing a set of lists customised by friend or follower will enable you to create news feeds based on subjects or friendship groups.

I find Twitters list function invaluable for keeping up with industry developments and for educating myself in the various online marketing disciplines. The other great aspect of Twitter lists is that if you find someone with a set of lists, you can subscribe to them, taking the pain out of creating them from scratch.


Here’s my collection of lists on Twitter. It’s a shame but currently you’re limited to 20 lists , but there are lists here for the major search engine marketing disciplines as well as smaller sub sets of those. So now when I visit Twitter, I skip my main feed and go straight to my lists and pick the topic I’m most interested in. It’s a great way to minimise the amount of X Factor related twaddle.


There is also a couple of lists that serve only to distract me ie Funny and Saints etc but don’t judge me. Feel free to subscribe and also share your own list recommendations.

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