Social Networking Statistics

Social Networking Statistics: Pinterest

There seem to be almost daily articles on the latest stats your favourite social networking sites are banding around. The odd grain of salt can need to be taken when considering the reality of what these numbers mean. For instance Facebook passing the 1 billion ahem “active” members seems a stretch, with a reported 83 million accounts being fake, these figures tend to pass me by.

What does catch my attention is the deeper analysis provided to enlighten users on how to get more out of their time on the various social platforms. Again, there is an element of trust needed however regardless of who you are, your credibility is based on how robust the data is that you’re presenting.

I’ve been using Repinly to find out more about Pinterest. The image below gives some good insight into what’s being pinned, where it’s found as well as user specific observations.

The most powerful stat for me is how relatively low actual social engagement is i.e Commenting. I think this totally underlines Pinterest’s position as a tool for discovery as opposed to being a social environment. Thats no bad thing, don’t get me wrong. When I use Pinterest, I’m not looking to get chatty…just show me the cake pictures!!!