Koozai Blog Posts: SEO, PPC & Social Media

I contribute to the Koozai Blog where I can wax lyrical about any aspect of SEO,PPC and Social Media. Here are my entries to date:

How long should you keep focussing on Just Rankings?

14th January 2013: It’s become an obsession but one now founded on a too many unreliable factors. Keyword rankings or what position in Google you occupy for a particular keyword has too many variations for you to get a true picture of how you match up. This post explores this, looks at more reliable metrics and also puts forward the concept of spreading your bets so that you don’t become massively reliant on just organic traffic.

4 Social Monitoring Tools To Help The Modern Day Plate Spinner

11th September 2012: Keeping up with the jones’ was never easy, keeping up with industry developments as well as what your customers think of you and everything else is a major head ache. I look at a few tools to make it easier to spin all those plates.

Location, Location, Location – Geo-Rankings And Local SEO Recommendations

13th August 2012: Working hand in hand with my video post on the same subject, I explore the emergence of regional search engine result variations and what this means for businesses large and small.

The Challenges Facing AuthorRank…Sell It To Us Google!

5th July 2012: Google first set out to establish the web of things. It now wants to add credibility to what makes that web up by linking the content to authors and in doing so apply some value to the efforts of said authors. I look at why this is a good thing and ask why more isn’t being done to raise the profile of AuthorRank.

Online Marketing In The Travel Industry

14th June 2012: There are few industries that haven’t been turned in their heads since the internet came into being. Here I talk about the challenges faced by organisations at various levels within the travel industry and also recommend several tactics to incorporate into their online marketing strategy.


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